Unveiling the Journey: Sustainable Development Conference Romania July 2022

Sustainable Development Conference Bacau Romania was an initiative of Brandusa Gogu and Patronat Bacau in collaboration and with CONAF - Confederatia Nationala Pentru Antreprenoriat Feminin Romania.

#Sustainability is a non-optional choice for companies nowadays!

Elena Andreou | SEO Specialist |

2022 and the whole humanity is pessimistic. Where do we stand now? Is society coming apart? From one side, the pandemic, people are scared and nobody knows how and when we’ll get out of it. From other side, climate changes are more frequent and more terrible than ever, with temperatures that reach incredible heights, blizzards and storms that destroy everything in their path and droughts that kill everything that remains after. 

And like this was not enough, wars, violent conflicts and economic crisis.  But what’s more, 9 million people die every year from hunger. 

"Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them"
American author Maxwell
John C Maxwell
American author

In simple words, that was the general feeling in 2022. I remember when I received the call and got invited by Brandusa Gogu to take part on a series of campaigns in collaboration with CONAF (Confederatia Nationala Pentru Antreprenoriat Feminin Romania)

Some of the speakers with whom I shared the stage

The one speaker who made the strongest impression on me back then was Branka van der Linden. I don’t recall which of the 17th SDG’s was her topic, but it stayed with me the way she was modeling her voice and the way she engaged the audience. Until now, after 5 years she is still one of my role model when it comes to Public Speaking. 

Highlighting Strengths

  • I managed to connect my story to the topic of the conference
  • I was moving well on the stage
  • I was trying to engage the audience

Struggles on the Stage

  • “My story” took longer than supposed and I had to rush again to finish the presentation which kind of missed the point. Sharing a personal story at a conference can be a powerful way to connect with your audience. However, starting strong doesn’t mean starting long. If your opening anecdote drags on, it can backfire. The audience came to hear about your expertise, not your entire life story. A concise, relevant personal story can set the stage, but keep it brief to ensure you have enough time to deliver the valuable content they’re waiting for.
  • The three days marathon events made me very tired and I felt that I missed the important part. Imagine attending a global conference teeming with thought leaders, industry experts, and potential collaborators from across the world. Now, picture yourself sitting through insightful presentations, but then heading straight for the exit. By skipping the networking opportunities, you’d be missing out on a treasure trove of potential connections.

Lessons Learned: Insights and Growth

International events offer a unique chance to exchange ideas with diverse perspectives, forge partnerships that transcend borders, and unlock doors to new opportunities. However, failing to tap into this vibrant network leaves you with just a fraction of the event’s value. It’s like attending a five-star banquet and only tasting the appetizer – a disservice to the experience and your own professional growth.

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