Public Speaking Course

Unlock the gateway to personal and professional success through this public speaking course. In the realm of personal branding, few skills are as indispensable as the ability to captivate an audience with your words. Public speaking transcends mere communication—it embodies the essence of your brand, amplifying your message, and solidifying your presence in the minds of others. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a leader, or a professional seeking to enhance your brand, mastering the art of public speaking is paramount

Conquering the Stage: My Journey Through Triumphs and Challenge

Welcome to the transformative journey of public speaking. At my core, I believe that public speaking is not just a skill but a dynamic process—a journey of growth, resilience, and triumph. It’s about stepping onto the stage, facing your fears, and embracing the exhilarating challenge of connecting with an audience. With each step forward, you overcome obstacles, refine your skills, and discover the power of your voice.

Digital Marketing & SEO: The pillar for Real Estate in 2023

Talking about Personal Branding at BLISS Conference at Hilton  Beirut

2024 Women in Tech

Talking about Personal Branding for Woman in Tech and American University of Cyprus

2022 Global Woman

Sharing the stage with Branka van der Linden, Mirela Sula and Linda Attram

USEK Libanon and Asher Center For Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Intenational Business Conference: Empowering Business through Technology

2021 Creative Women

Sharing the stage with Alex Roseman, Laura Timm & Liat Mordechay Hertanu

Organizer of Go Digital Cyprus Conference and presenting about SEO

Sustainable Development Conference in Bacau, Romania.

UpSkilling – “You are your Brand” talking 1st time about personal branding

Sharing the stage with Dr. Jane Thomaso, Heather Monahan & Marisha Lakhiani

Talking about Personal Branding at Graphic Stories Cyprus Conference

KEEPING AHEAD OF CHANGE: Anticipating and Managing Change – CIM Conference 

Elena Andreou speaking in 2019 at women of truth

2019 Women of Truth

Women of Truth Conference speaking about digitalization

An interview by Saskia Constantinou on the national channel RIK 1 about digitalization.

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