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Tired and fedup NOT getting paid what you are worth?

Struggling to get noticed in your niche as a professional?

Personal Branding Strategy - explore and act on opportunity!

Taking responsibility over how you present yourself!

You are the CEO of "ME plc"

If you want to increase your impact you need to stop thinking of yourself as just a person and instead appoint yourself CEO of "ME plc"! Make an inpact NOW!

Personal Branding Strategy

The 7Y that make or break "You"

1. Your Story

2. Your Positioning

3. Your Differentiation

4. Your Skills

5. Your Assets

6. Your Network

7. Your Legacy

The 7Y personal branding strategy is a proven process (was found to be more than 95% accurate in the today’s cutthroat selling environment) that will save you many years of hustle:

  • You will acquire new skills and knowledge that will help you understand and deal with any challenge and will lead to personal development
  • We will put the bases of solid assets for your business strategically growth
  • We will build the system that predictably increase customers and sale
  • I’ve built the assets and the system to support you and give you the first tools
  • My experience helped me to put in place a process to keep you accountable to your goals

Elena Andreou personal branding strategy

For whom this program is?

The 7Y Personal Branding Strategy

  • For people who want to start a business but are struggling
  • For professionals that want to build a solid career
  • For business-people that know that they have more potential but don’t know how to develop
  • For business-people who invested in specialized services, coaching, courses and you still don’t have the clarity you’re craving on what to do next

About Elena

Elena studied  Marketing and Branding and later on she specialized in Digital Marketing, SEO, DATA Analysis through programming languages (R Programming and Python). Now, she is continuing her specialization and research in gender stereotypes and personal branding through doctoral studies.

International Business Conference Nov. 14th 2022 London UK.

London Marriott Hotel Regents Park

Panel 2.

- Elena Andreou
- Andri Michael
- Panayiotis Koussis
- Axel Kalinowski
- Xenia Neophytou
Elena Andreou at conference talking about personal branding strategy
Elena Andreou talking at conference about personal branding strategy
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