Unveiling the Journey: My second time as a public speaker in Cyprus

Women of Truth Conference - Cyprus 2019

Updated: June 2024

I was deeply honored and humbled when I received the unexpected invitation from Helen Argyrou to speak at the Women of Truth Conference. It was a profound privilege to share the stage with so many influential women who have made remarkable contributions in their respective fields. The opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with such an inspiring group was truly a highlight of my journey.

Some of the esteemed speakers with whom I shared the stage

  • Eliana Eleftheriou
  • Justina Pluktaite
  • Effie Matafia
  • Maria Kay
  • Miranda Tringis
  • Simona Simulyte
  • Maria A. Charalambous
  • Elisa Solea
  • Elena Georgiadou
  • Dr. Sabine Wunschmann
  • Dr. Stella Spyridi
  • Dr. Theano Kalavana 
  • Dr. Niki Katsouni
  • Saskia Constantinou
  • Noelle Martin
  • Viola Edward
  •  Artemis Evangelides
  • Nira Satguru
  • Erato Aristotelis

Although I was deeply honored and couldn’t wait to speak, I also felt a wave of stress and anxiety about addressing such a distinguished audience. Despite my extensive experience training employees and pitching in front of teams, this was only my second time engaging in public speaking in Cyprus. The prospect of sharing my insights with so many influential personalities was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

Highlighting Strengths

First, I had a very interesting topic: “Digitalization”. In Cyprus, just before Covid it was the hottest thing: digital storage technologies, conversion of information into digital formats and the transmission of this information electronically.

So as digitalization progressed, it began to touch nearly every aspect of business activities and all business owners in Cyprus were quite anxious about how they should coop with this and how their business could transition to a digital format to get new clients.  

So, my topic was a hot one! 

I remember like yesterday how I was waiting for comments on social media or feedback from the organizer. The next day, I started to see a lot of social media posts by many speakers and attendants! 

What people were saying?

  • Heleniq Argyrou ( the organizer of the conference) called it “revolutionary …online solutions”
  • Joana Constantinou sent me message on messenger thanking me for the amazing information I shared it.
  • Christiana Charalambous called it “insightful presentation”
  • Dr. Sabine Wonschumann said: “I really liked your presentation and I would like to take you up on your offer to check out my website”
  • Paula Savva: “very important and useful”

Secondly, I started my presentation with a short story about my “WHY.” As I shifted careers, many people who knew me questioned my decision, asking ‘why did I leave the corporate world at this age?’ (After all, 47, a seemingly mid-life point, isn’t the typical time for a career change). To connect with the audience on an emotional level, I decided to share my “why.”

It wasn’t because I thought everyone would be interested in following a startup trend or the allure of being my own boss. That held no appeal for me. My decision stemmed from a desire for freedom. I wanted to be there for my son, who was incredibly passionate about tennis.

…and it worked! The audience had many mothers, and my story resonated with them. I felt exposed and vulnerable, especially when my eyes welled up. I was speaking my truth, but I wasn’t expecting the first person I’d touch to be myself!

Third, I had the amazing idea to offer attendees something valuable! I decided to provide free website evaluations, and I was delighted to see it received with such an enthusiastic response. The participants were keen to learn how to optimize their online presence, and the positive feedback I received was incredibly rewarding. It was gratifying to see how my expertise could make a tangible difference for so many remarkable women.

 What truly amazed me were the messages that followed within the next few days, along with posts tagging me! It was heartwarming to see the connections I made at the conference continue to blossom. Some speakers have even become friends and collaborators, and I maintain those connections with a few to this day.

Struggles on the Stage

I am not sure if this was completely struggle or maybe it was a good thing.

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